Immigrants [noun]

Definition of Immigrants:

person from a foreign land

Synonyms of Immigrants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immigrants:

Sentence/Example of Immigrants:

So congress has excluded not only diseased, criminal, pauper and anarchist immigrants, but also contract and Chinese laborers.

Immigrants in the first generation have just about as much feeling for the American flag as a chicken has for Rosewater.

Two thousand and seventy-four immigrants arrived in the steerage at New York.

During the week closing with this day, 21,297 immigrants arrived at the port of Quebec, Lower Canada.

A million immigrants came from impoverished Europe in the four succeeding years, begging for freedom and a place to live.

The first immigrants appear to have been the most civilized, and occupied Tuitlan Valley, founding the city of that name.

On this plateau the immigrants from Anhuac founded Tilantongo, and built a temple called Achiuhtla.

It is this statue which immigrants, on their way to Ellis Island, are wont to apostrophise.

Probably none are so infected with spiritual hookworm as the immigrants from Naples.

Multitudes of the new immigrants adhere to churches which do not believe in the public schools.