Imminence [noun]

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The settlement no doubt was influenced by the imminence of a large expansion of policy—the ill-starred Irish expedition.

He seemed suddenly recalled to himself—to the imminence of some crisis dominating his freedom of decision.

The services of John Clarke must be estimated by the imminence of the danger, and his skill by the difficulty of the negotiation.

Weary as she was, the imminence of disaster at first fascinated—then enthralled her.

Their organization is usually quite informal and is determined by the nature and imminence of its conflicts with other groups.

The fearful strangeness of her situation, the very imminence of peril, inspired her with coolness and self-possession.

Perhaps the imminence of our entry into the war, which can be but a matter of days, is much in my good fortune.

The imminence of the peril inspired the Uzcoques with unwonted courage and energy.

Yet even this warning did not bring home to Punch the imminence of the "Grand Smash."

But only for a moment, for again the imminence of the peril in which she stood broke over her like a wave.