Immobile [adjective]

Definition of Immobile:

motionless, fixed

Synonyms of Immobile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immobile:

Sentence/Example of Immobile:

A bumblebee nest full of honey and nearly immobile larvae, though, is highly attractive to predators.

As immobile as Smith appeared to be in the victory that clinched the NFC East title — he was about as nimble as a grand piano without wheels — for three years, he has represented Washington’s best chance to win.

Roethlisberger has grown completely stationary as the sport moves away from immobile quarterbacks.

He looked immobile Sunday, and the Eagles countered by blitzing more.

Apparently, Henri had a deteriorating spinal condition and had been rendered largely immobile as a result.

And then Weedham dropped beside the dead man, looked long and searchingly into the immobile face.

Thereafter she had had no occasion to interview the strange, immobile Egyptian, nor had she experienced any desire to do so.

Nor, my heavy and immobile appearance notwithstanding, was I (I affirm this) a solitary because I was refused acquaintanceship.

Their countenances were so immobile that he gained no information from the looks there; but both the officers did.

Wild and unfeeling as he seemed, there must be a sense of justice in him, reading him by his stern, immobile face.