Immobilization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Immobilization:

Even with the hippo immobilized, it was surprisingly difficult to locate his, ahem, parts.

Broken and immobilized in the pool below Howick Falls, Corliss said, he’d lain perfectly awake as freshwater crabs dug into his torn flesh.

Whatever one calls it, all of this uncertainty can immobilize young people when they feel they can do nothing to fix it.

Immobilization of the broken parts of the bone is the object sought.

In cases of strains of tendons, during the acute stage, immobilization of the affected parts is in order.

In fractures of the shaft of the humerus, then, it is apparent that immobilization is very difficult if at all possible.

However, reduction and immobilization of this as in all fractures, must be done without delay.

Immobilization as for fracture is not necessary but, nevertheless, movement is to be restricted as much as possible.

Infection would depend almost entirely upon the integrity of the first dressings and immobilization.

Immobilization and rest should be maintained for a month or more.