Immobilize [verb]

Definition of Immobilize:


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Sentence/Example of Immobilize:

Cutting off access to money is a quick-and-dirty way to immobilize people, not to mention wreak havoc when it’s done on a large scale.

You immobilize the elevators—think what that would mean in lower and midtown Manhattan alone.

Braces and other mechanical appliances intended to immobilize the parts are not of practical benefit in the horse.

The other part was that he could kill or immobilize anybody in the world—or everybody—from any distance.

"I'll need a squeeze-cage and a couple of cage boys to help immobilize the brute," he said.

Even though he'd seen the bony young man immobilize Little Foot, Raoul was surprised.

The latter clawed and bit with a fury which suggested Togi intended to immobilize that weapon by tearing it to shreds.

But the cold virus could still practically immobilize a man, and this was no time to give body room to chills and fever.

In March 1942 the government launched repressive measures in an attempt to immobilize communist activities.

Certain cases resisting such procedures are best treated with a plaster of Paris cast to immobilize the part for several months.