Immobilized [verb]

Definition of Immobilized:


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Sentence/Example of Immobilized:

The immobilized guns were seized by the Virginians, only to be recaptured by a spirited Federal advance.

Six and a half million tons of shipping in all the seas of the world were thus almost instantly immobilized.

All naval aircraft were to be concentrated and immobilized at certain specified German bases.

For here I was, practically immobilized and certainly dependent upon them for help.

Mellie Garson, still immobilized by the mule kick, was aware of the stain that afflicted his immortal soul.

As the outer port of the flitter berth closed Dane reached over and pulled loose the lashing which immobilized his companion.

But no start was made; immobilized, the vast crescent stuck motionless under the blazing sun.

That, of course, would have Hoddy immobilized—better word, located—for a while.

In the fine meshes of this net several organs of national life were caught, immobilized and connected with the Fatherland.

Yet at that time there were at the station of Mezidon (Calvados) over 500 engines immobilized, nobody knew why or by whom.