Immoderate [adjective]

Definition of Immoderate:

excessive, extreme

Opposite/Antonyms of Immoderate:

Sentence/Example of Immoderate:

Their naked feet ended in fleshless toes of immoderate length, like the bones of an ox-tail.

I thought he would never have ended; and I felt nettled that my remark should have given rise to such immoderate mirth.

Women shall not lacerate their faces, nor indulge in immoderate wailing for the dead.

We have noticed the evil effects of immoderate bodily exertion on the heart.

His temper causes him to form immoderate opinions and to make strong statements.

Excesses in power always give birth to an immoderate desire for liberty.

It may likewise be caused by undue menstruation, or by any other immoderate evacuation.

He snatched it deftly in one bite, to the accompaniment of immoderate laughter from his friends, in which he joined.

Men also must be prohibited from shoulderbands of undue width, double ruffs and cuffs, and "immoderate great breeches."

This is the sole fatty substance, an immoderate use of which does not turn the stomach or entail any serious consequences.