Immoderately [adverb]

Definition of Immoderately:

to a great extent

Opposite/Antonyms of Immoderately:


Sentence/Example of Immoderately:

The three laughed immoderately, and Stephen, looking up, came in at the end with a smile.

Where they had learned their parts, I know not, but the whole was well done, and the Moonshee's little son laughed immoderately.

Used immoderately, it exhausts both the mental and bodily powers, and produces great debility.

When I heard this laconic declaration of love, I began to laugh immoderately, tore myself from her grasp, and rushed away.

Then why pursue a course of recreation so immoderately as to be detrimental to their highest interests?

When she was in Belinda's room, she threw herself into an arm-chair, and laughed immoderately.

His hearer laughed immoderately, and the story-teller was proud and happy in his success.

His hands were now immoderately swelled from the tightness of the ligature; and the pain had become intolerable.

She stretched a hand of welcome to Hyacinth, and then, before he had time to take it, began to laugh immoderately.

Alice laughed immoderately, and even Ned obliged himself to confess "dat he was in de sperret in de New Jerusulum."