Immodestly [adverb]

Definition of Immodestly:


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Sentence/Example of Immodestly:

"Two cents; yes, two cents," reiterated Mr. Brush, groping immodestly for pockets where there were none.

There are some shapely limbs generously and immodestly shown in connection with this invitation.

These wretched people are immodestly clothed, and they perform immodest or very tough dances.

We should say it is immodestly painted; the picture and not the subject, obtrudes.

She could not think well of people who left their rooms thus immodestly exposed to the gaze of passers-by.

It could not be the practice of European women to bare themselves so immodestly before men.

Girls and young men walked arm-in-arm on the street and laughed aloud immodestly.

In the period of Rome's decay women became immodestly conspicuous in the social and public functions of the day.

You who were present saw how impudently she made eyes at all the young and how immodestly she flaunted her charms.

Why did you call me 'uncharitable' when I said Mrs. Gordon painted immodestly!