Immortal [adjective]

Definition of Immortal:

death-defying, imperishable

Opposite/Antonyms of Immortal:

Sentence/Example of Immortal:

So masterfully do we hide death, you would almost believe we are the first generation of immortals.

In the immortal words of Outkast, “the South got something to say.”

Scrooge has become such an immortal character because he somehow speaks to our worst and best selves.

So even the most unchanging component of potentially immortal DNA is immersed in anitya, constantly refashioning itself.

That he skipped old age to go straight to eternal cannot, and does not, surprise his fans, and yet the evidence that he was not immortal remains hard to digest.

You know, nothing that would compromise my immortal soul, but something mildly bad requiring, say, a few Hail Marys.

But it was neither his talents as a diplomatist, nor his remarkable mind, nor his solid erudition, which made Nicot immortal.

At this moment the strains of Arditi's immortal waltz, "Il Bacio," resounded through the place.

No lawgiver had ever been able to devise a perfect and immortal form of government.

Of all the great problems and precious interests which belong to me as a mortal or immortal being, science knows nothing.