Immortality [noun]

Definition of Immortality:

endless life

Synonyms of Immortality:

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Sentence/Example of Immortality:

Peter Attia talks with Steve Levitt about the problem with immortality, what’s missing from our Covid response, and why nicotine is underrated.

The digital information carries a sense of wonder, poetically conjuring an ancient myth about immortality.

That, or mathematicians could take a pass on immortality and introduce their new objects with sensible, semantically parsable names instead.

That end, Mack writes, “like immortality, only sounds good until you really think about it.”

In a paroxysm of rage and fear, he gave the final order, and the Well of Cawnpore thereby attained its ghastly immortality.

Personal immortality is only to be desired if it insures the lifting of our faculties to their highest power of expression.

By a noble metaphor, says Milman, the day of their death was considered that of their birth to immortality.

The insatiable thirst for that which is beyond and which veils life, is the most lively proof of our immortality.

She had not been endowed with the privilege of immortality with which God had invested our first parents in paradise.

The human mind arrives at ethical truths, even when all speculation about God and immortality has failed.