Immortally [adverb]

Definition of Immortally:

for all time; everlasting

Opposite/Antonyms of Immortally:

Sentence/Example of Immortally:

For in 1892 the author of the lines immortally associated with the phrase himself passed away, full of years and honours.

His immortality consists in his being in an immortally related state of mind.

A man such as this, you instinctively feel, was not worthy to live immortally as an author.

On a certain night he will drink it and become immortally young, in a world of dying men.

“Immortally safe, sir,” returned Uriah, writhing in the direction of the voice.

But Molière has a weakness, too, for the bourgeois, and he has made M. Jourdain immortally delightful.

The canvas is much injured, but the Bella is still immortally young and beautiful.

They flowed through her whole being, down her arms, out through her hand and pencil, wrote themselves immortally.

Life-sized roaring lions stand valiantly beside their wheels like immortally faithful mariners.

Perhaps I had done her injustice, and she was as immortally fresh and fair as be conceived her.