Immune [adjective]

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To get the US to herd immunity — when enough of the US population is immune so the virus no longer poses a major threat — by the end of the summer, America likely needs to hit an average of 2 million or 3 million doses a day.

Someone who has had the vaccine and is immune to the virus may still test negative for certain antibodies, Murphy explained.

At the time, this was really about Prodigy and AOL, but no one really cared, because no one really thought very much about what the impact would be of making Prodigy immune from tort lawsuits.

Republicans are the most likely to say that they don’t plan to be vaccinated against the virus, a key step toward achieving saturation of immune individuals and therefore protecting the country broadly.

Members of a household, neighbors, or people living in long-term care facilities may be able to share the company of others who are also immune.

The big fear is that eventually, a variant will come along that provides the virus with a complete immune escape, preventing our vaccines from working against it.

Such an immune imbalance could match up with the high levels of inflammatory markers found in astronauts’ blood.

What’s more, something about the particles put the immune system on alert.

It just means that different parts of your immune system take over.

Some experts have said that taking these OTC painkillers could reduce your immune system’s response — but mainly, they don’t have clear data so they recommend against taking them preemptively.