Immunized [verb]

Definition of Immunized:

perform vaccination

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Sentence/Example of Immunized:

That may prove frustrating for people who survived the pandemic and went through the trouble of getting immunized but still can’t relax.

Recently, a number of readers have asked me whether older relatives with these conditions should be immunized.

“It gives me a reassurance I haven’t had until now,” Maryland educator Susie Shafer said after being immunized Friday.

It also amplifies the urgency of getting as many people immunized with current vaccines as quickly as possible.

The scramble by South Africa for Covid-19 vaccines is intensifying pressure on the government to square its plans for immunizing the country with reality.

With the high degree of efficacy of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, it could be difficult to prove other vaccines are equal or better at immunizing against the coronavirus.

The first people to be immunized in many places have been older than that as countries rush to inoculate nursing-home residents at high risk from the virus.

In rare cases, people may fall ill even after two doses, but the evidence points to a less severe course of the disease among the immunized.

That can be a problem if not enough people have been immunized against polio.

Though the firefighters are all paramedics, part of California’s top tier of vaccine recipients, Hutchison, 52, had expected to be immunized in late January.