Immured [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Immured:

It never forged a chain to bind a heretic or an adversary, nor erected a prison to immure him.

Some of the consignees were mobbed, and all were obliged to fly to the castle, and there immure themselves.

I will immure myself against your cries, and lock myself up to your lamentations.

But it was affrighting to realize that the very physical feature which provided a refuge might also immure them in a living tomb.

She was not one of those napkin people who hide their talents, or who immure their lights under superincumbent bushels.

What was Oliver's enmity towards you, that he should immure you here all these years?

"Load them with heavy fetters and immure them in a dungeon," said Governor Jefferson.

I do not breathe in the penthouse in which they would immure my soul.

He did not immure himself, or cut himself off from human companionship.

She might take a sudden resolve and immure herself before I can return!