Imp [noun]

Definition of Imp:

mischievous child, small person

Synonyms of Imp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imp:



Sentence/Example of Imp:

Curses light upon your head, and black death upon your heart, you imp!

Of course these two others are not up to the mark of The Bottle Imp; but they each have a certain merit, and they fit in style.

He broke off abruptly, and the Green Imp accelerated her pace as they came to the long, straight road home.

Arthur Chester may fairly have been said to spend the succeeding fortnight in the company of the Green Imp and its driver.

The Imp itself seemed to be running away, so swiftly and silently it covered the new road leading off into the hills.

He turned the Imp abruptly aside from the boulevard leading out of town down which they had been speeding.

Philosophizing thus, he presently sent the Green Imp at her quietest pace in at the home driveway.

As the Green Imp backed out of the barn Macauley swung himself into the unoccupied seat.

Housing the Imp, he quietly crossed the lawn to the window, avoiding any sound of footsteps on the gravelled paths.

Catching the throbbing purr of the Imp as the car swung in at the driveway Chester jumped up.