Impacted [verb]

Definition of Impacted:

hit with force

Synonyms of Impacted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impacted:

Sentence/Example of Impacted:

Work on the canonical issue continues, with about 55% of impacted URLs restored.

Rather than layoffs, Insider has been able to redeploy staffers into areas where the business is still growing and less impacted.

One of the most impacted ZIP codes includes the San Ysidro Elementary School District, which has some of the highest rates of student homelessness in the county, a measure that includes families living in overcrowded or substandard conditions.

In the twilight gloom his glittering rows of shark's teeth seemed impacted on my eyeball—I saw them, and nothing else.

This Plate represents the head fixed, or impacted, at the upper strait of a narrow pelvis.

When they are so impacted as to prevent the delivery being completed, the accoucheur must interfere.

The nates may become so firmly impacted in the pelvis, that they cannot advance without artificial assistance.

The minute bronchial ramifications and corresponding lobules were impacted with dense carbon.

Even so, its shoulder impacted against the shoulder of the whirling colt below it, overthrowing the latter.

With a quick movement it is drawn outwards a short distance so that the point of the hook pierces the impacted substance.