Impactful [adjective]

Definition of Impactful:

having a great effect

Synonyms of Impactful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impactful:

Sentence/Example of Impactful:

That’s why it was as impactful as it was, but it was really overwhelming to have that kind of responsibility.

Create impactful content around local events, trends, movements, and news.

The skills-gap crisis is a global phenomenon, making it critical that we equip the next generation of problem solvers with the training and resources they need to turn great ideas into impactful solutions.

The steps that follow are two of the most impactful steps identified in this SPO series, ones that any ad buyer can take to reap the benefits of a larger supply-path initiative immediately.

We were able to make some pretty impactful adjustments pretty quickly.

Having a content hub can help marketing teams deliver impactful content faster and more efficiently, and to better manage all the steps toward publishing.

These checks are really impactful for lower-income households.

The more data publishers can gather, the more impactful their content can be down the line.

It could be a bold and impactful way to unify our country and propel us forward.

Some criticized the training as virtue signaling, rather than impactful change.