Impacts [noun]

Definition of Impacts:

collision, force

Synonyms of Impacts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impacts:

Sentence/Example of Impacts:

He was headed for the underground galleries when the first impacts came.

Some philosopher pretends that all physics may be explained by the mutual impacts of atoms.

Without doubt it could be demonstrated just as easily that everything can always be explained by simple impacts.

And yet we certainly must perceive it in some way or other, since the total volume of sound is made up of those inaudible impacts.

Craven's ship buckled and careened under the lashing impacts of the bombardment, but it seemed unhurt!

Dick's face began to show red spots from the hard impacts of Alvord's tough little fists.

Two heavy, sodden impacts sounded during a brief pause in the noise, attesting to the fact that the gambler had been decorated.

The men said afterwards that they saw no blows struck, but that they heard two distinct impacts.

The uncertainty is so large that the estimated impacts could be off by a factor of two or three, either too high or too low.

On the contrary, the impacts of the disaster commonly produce a sense of solidarity and cooperativeness among the survivors.