Impales [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Impales:

Doctors this week published an image of just such an uncommon ocular impaling.

It squealed, shrill with triumph, and the horn swept up to impale him.

The infuriated bull was fast nearing him, with head lowered, and horns set to crush or impale him.

"I don't care to listen to your offensive utterances," she said, gazing at him as if to impale him with her glance.

David took out his penknife and proceeded to impale his cigar upon the blade thereof.

The elephants trumpeted shrilly; and while some tried to charge it and impale it on their tusks, others stampeded.

They impale the eggs of the red grouse upon their bills, and carry them away to eat at leisure.

Seeing the bird's beady black eyes fasten upon it he made a quick movement to impale it with his fork.

They have something good and strictly ephemeral to say on everything, and don't know enough of anything to impale their hearers.

But that we are already late, and this horse is like an untamed tiger, I would impale him on the spot.