Imparted [verb]

Definition of Imparted:

make known

Synonyms of Imparted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imparted:

Sentence/Example of Imparted:

But soon the Rev. John Dodd imparted fresh vigour into the proceedings.

Her singular destiny had imparted something strange to her appearance, which gave her, however, only an added charm.

Hence the very fixedness of these doctrines imparted somewhat of their own character to the pictorial representations employed.

Now when Judas found that Nicanor was coming, he imparted to the Jews that were with him, that the enemy was at hand.

Did Mr. Gryce suffer from any qualms of conscience at having elicited so much and imparted so little?

Hestia (Roman Vesta) presided over the private hearths and homesteads of the Greeks, and imparted to them a sacred character.

The Sophists as a class had incurred the odium of being the first teachers who received pay for the instruction they imparted.

Then Diogenes of Crete, making a fanciful speculation, imparted to air an intellectual energy.

Closely did she question them concerning Astrid, and they imparted to her what they had heard.

His casque of black steel, ribbed with shining iron, imparted a martial air to his pleasing and open countenance.