Impartially [adverb]

Definition of Impartially:


Opposite/Antonyms of Impartially:

Sentence/Example of Impartially:

Three states, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming, don’t require lotteries, but even there officials said charters are using either lotteries or other impartial ways of admitting students.

The vicious circle was hard to break, for the Government was not strong or steady enough to repress all impartially.

Without trying to excuse my own weakness, I will endeavour to state the facts of the case, clearly and impartially.

Martha unclosed her hand and extended it to them impartially, the check, face uppermost, held between thumb and finger.

The fifteen were to be sworn to decide impartially, and to have power to examine witnesses on oath.

We may also investigate impartially such doctrines as the immaculate conception, and the existence of angels.

He had appealed to his companions impartially, but Mr. Longdon, whose attention was now all for his hostess, appeared unconscious.

At the same time however I must not be silent about their good qualities, but do them justice as impartially.

He shot impartially left and right and below—there was nothing above him after the first surprise.

He is far from being a blind partisan, and he knows how to treat impartially questions of a general import.