Impeached [verb]

Definition of Impeached:

denounce, censure

Opposite/Antonyms of Impeached:

Sentence/Example of Impeached:

He would impeach all his partners, acknowledge his errors, and promise once more to reform.

Let those who are greater, and wiser, and purer than Washington, impeach him.

If any president refuse to lend the executive arm of the government to the enforcement of the law, it can impeach the president.

If, when it has passed a law, any Court shall refuse to obey its behests, it can impeach the judges.

Do not think, however, that in making this observation I intend to impeach the character of Philip van Artevelde himself.

And further, hee prepared a nauie to guard the seas, and to impeach the passage of his brother into England.

Understand me, gentlemen, I am not venturing in this presence to impeach the law.

One of the members of Parliament whom Charles tried to impeach.

The only question was—will von Bismarck demand a dissolution of the Chamber, or will the Chamber impeach the count?

The lawyers could impeach it even if they let him (Bob) testify at all in those awful divorce cases that were pending.