Impeccably [adverb]

Definition of Impeccably:

without flaw

Synonyms of Impeccably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impeccably:

Sentence/Example of Impeccably:

Spagnuolo’s decision to switch from big safeties to smaller, more sure-handed cornerbacks at the end of the third quarter was impeccable as well.

Ivan Figueroa, who served with Raffensperger on the council for three years, saw him as his ideological partner and once nominated him for mayor pro tem, noting his impeccable meeting-attendance record.

“It was in impeccable condition for a stranded animal,” Florence said.

Focusing on custom, data-driven marketing and client service, Sherri Anne provides impeccable, high-touch service tailored to her client’s unique situation.

I learned then, and have known through my career, that an impeccable bar is one whose texture is smooth and melt is indiscernible from one’s own body temperature.

She had not been in England a month before she spoke Piccadilly almost impeccably.

There are no bamboo tables, no skimpy French chairs or Japanese umbrellas; everything is severely plain and impeccably clean.

“You were very sick, Padre; and in the fever you––” the impeccably honest fellow hesitated.

Dennison was older than he looked, less impressed than he seemed, and clothed impeccably.

Yet in dress and speech he knew himself to be impeccably Spanish, and was not Don Esteban there to confirm him?