Impedance [noun]

Definition of Impedance:

fighting, opposition

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Sentence/Example of Impedance:

A good EEG signal should have less than 50 kilo-Ohms of impedance.

In applying Ohm's law to an alternating current circuit, impedance must be substituted for resistance.

Find the reactance of a choke coil having a resistance of 10 ohms, when its impedance is 50 ohms.

In all such cases the impedance which the circuit offers is made up of two things—resistance and inductance.

The battery supply to the operator's transmitter is through an impedance coil 9.

These conditions are satisfied by using in the impedance coil many turns of large wire and an ample iron core.

This impedance requires to be of low resistance, because whatever heat is developed in it is lost energy.

A simplex arrangement even more simple substitutes impedance coils for the repeating coils of Fig. 465.

Each Morse circuit will be seen to include, serially, two 50-ohm impedance coils, and to have shunts through condensers to ground.

The alternating currents of speech and interrupter signaling are kept from passing to ground at terminals by the impedance coils.