Impedes [verb]

Definition of Impedes:

obstruct, hinder

Synonyms of Impedes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impedes:

Sentence/Example of Impedes:

As with adult goggles, you want to be sure their goggles have anti-fogging technology as fog will impede their vision and might cause accidents.

Such stands were traditionally thought to impede the rapid spread of fire, which models attribute largely to fine fuels like pine straw.

First observed by the late Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, the dilemma is about various internal tensions that beset big firms and impede innovation.

The heat bonds the silica molecules tightly together, making the glass dense and free of impurities that might impede its ability to transmit light.

On Sunday, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said on CBS News’s Face the Nation that there are “no indications” the new variant will impede US vaccination efforts.

Magnetic resistance systems, however, require no contact between moving parts to function properly, instead of relying upon magnets that impede flywheel motion from a variety of distances, resulting in silent and maintenance-free operation.

He sees only the images of the clouds, no branch but that which impedes him or offers cover to his stealthy approach.

This fight of humanity cannot be other than directed against something that impedes the sensation of life.

He assists her with his arm, seeing that the length of her robe impedes her movements.

The too rigid application of truth is hurtful to beauty, and preoccupation with beauty impedes truth.