Impediments [noun]

Definition of Impediments:

obstruction, hindrance

Opposite/Antonyms of Impediments:

Sentence/Example of Impediments:

I presume this path does not extend many miles without meeting impediments.

He was eminently skilful in finance; he restored the public credit and freed trade from artificial impediments.

I was young, and hope was bright, and difficulties and impediments were speedily kicked away.

Fourthly, the advantages of water carriage to his door, and the non-existence of impediments to land carriage.

But spite of all these impediments in the way of liberty, the voice of humanity could not be forever silenced.

He cared not for highlands or bypaths—hedges and ditches offered small impediments.

She and Mr. Pain made the best of their way to him, over the impediments blocking up the deck.

And we are lead, as it were, accidentally to the possession of God by the removal of impediments from our path.

There were no impediments to a visit: I only dreaded lest the interview should be too long delayed.

The natural and necessary impediments were many, and he did not reach the Monongahela until the 8th of July.