Impending [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Impending:

The political reality, however, means Congress is unlikely to pass such a measure—given the deadlock between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill, and the impending November election.

As part of the socially conservative and more populist wing of the party, Buchanan had long had reservations about Bush, so he used his speaking slot at the convention to talk about the impending “culture wars.”

Between the impending launch of Facebook’s Libra and China’s proposed central-bank digital currency, events now could reshape global finance for a generation.

Shoprite’s impending exit is a telling marker of the state of Nigeria’s consumer economy.

While an impending wave of soured loans isn’t expected to cause a credit crisis, the forecast demonstrates the economic pain that’s anticipated from heightened unemployment and bankruptcies.

As the world awaits this impending crop of exascale supercomputers, there’s plenty to be done today.

From the moment that they jerked up their horses at MacRae's call, I had an odd sense of impending trouble.

In the midst of his new success, another severe family blow was impending on Bruce.

The imaginary fears were gone, and she became distinctly conscious of some great impending danger.

The Girondists still met in Madame Roland's library to deliberate concerning measures for averting the impending ruin.