Impenetrable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Impenetrable:

That’s an important statement that this movement is unpersuadable precisely because it is operating in impenetrable bad faith.

Eivor is a foreigner to this land, and in these early years of human history the language barrier is impenetrable.

Gradually poets I’d once considered impenetrable filled me with awe instead of bafflement.

By the end of the third episode, it’s clear that focusing on Grace’s impenetrable stare is intentional.

Meanwhile, at the WCS facility, the waste will be covered by a 40-foot-thick layer of impenetrable red clay —which serves the same function as the salt at WIPP—once the storage sites are filled.

Now suddenly she felt a mystery in Baroudi far deeper, far more impenetrable, than any mystery that dwelt in Nigel.

The great horses with their eager riders dashed themselves in vain against the solid and impenetrable schiltron.

An endless forest, the impenetrable earth; the one to be removed, and the other to be excavated.

As they entered the mouth of the cave, darkness, black and impenetrable, dropped on them like a cloak.

And still that blank wall of dirt, that impenetrable darkness, that stubborn barrier between them and the blessed sunshine.