Imperative [adjective]

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Therefore, having the most comprehensive view of the search landscape and all its nuances is imperative to driving success and making the most informed decisions possible.

Reimagining community safety, defunding police, confronting the worst of what “law enforcement” does — these are not new moral imperatives.

I love how they’re portrayed in the Locked Tomb and how imperative they are to the narrative.

It is imperative that the previous Administration’s shortcomings are swiftly identified and rectified to save lives in the months before coronavirus vaccinations are available for all Americans.

There are many roots of distrust around Covid-19 vaccines, but it feels imperative to put them in the context of Pakistan’s recent history.

What’s more, Kubernetes is designed to automate the management of containers, taking humans out of the loop and making it even more imperative that the security protocols are applied in an automated fashion as well.

It is imperative that the topic is discussed at the international level.

They have said it remains imperative that all states pass comprehensive nondiscrimination laws, in part, because it could take more litigation to fully apply the Bostock decision in all areas.

Ensuring you have helmet-compatible ski goggles that fit properly and comfortably is imperative for their safety on the slopes.

Israeli rights organization Rabbis for Human Rights has similarly argued that Israel has a “moral imperative” to vaccinate Palestinians, especially in Gaza.