Imperceptible [adjective]

Definition of Imperceptible:

hard to sense; faint

Opposite/Antonyms of Imperceptible:

Sentence/Example of Imperceptible:

Even some gamers have never really considered this stat because, at 1,000 or 2,000 Hz, the tiny delay between your hand and the cursor is already nearly imperceptible.

Instead of something like a text message that can raise the alarm and leaves a visible trace, this one was a much quieter network injection attack, a tactic valued because it’s almost imperceptible except to expert investigators.

A team of scientists was pulsing imperceptible ultrasound waves through his skull into frontal parts of his brain, and tacitly controlling which object he looked at.

But young Mrs. Haggard shrank from her touch with an almost imperceptible shudder.

With difficulty his almost imperceptible spark of life had been screened and fanned into a dim and flickering flame.

There exists nothing so subtle, so simple, and so imperceptible which is not revealed to us by a something in its composition.

My three months' stay has taught me the art of conversing by an almost imperceptible motion of the lips.

I noticed here the familiar, almost imperceptible click of the small white teeth.

It was reached by an imperceptible ascent, and, owing to its position, commanded the immense and grand landscape.

It was either a trick of the dying light, or else I detected an almost imperceptible twitching of the grim lips.