Imperfections [noun]

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Their learning and fine genius were warped by the imperfections of the age in which they lived.

And because of these imperfections in its theory of life, Christianity had ceased to be a vitalising force.

It has no desire to consider its own imperfections with a self-conscious eye.

On the other hand that machine with all its imperfections might have been designed by me.

The two last sayings are similar in meaning, viz., that every man has his imperfections or faults.

The imperfections include the first leaf, and two leaves in the second chapitre of the fourth tractate, the end is all right.

It is the imperfections of human nature that prevent, and will always prevent, any system from being perfect.

Nothing but pride loves to be flattered, and that only as it is a vice which blinds us to our own imperfections.

And wherein consists our superiority to former saints, even those whose imperfections are the most conspicuous?

Our constitutional imperfections ought to be carefully watched, and resolutely corrected.