Imperfectly [adverb]

Definition of Imperfectly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Imperfectly:

Sentence/Example of Imperfectly:

The cause of this absorptive power is still very imperfectly known.

The fields of the sea are yet too imperfectly explored to afford us all the facts required to make out the whole story.

It is better to play the simplest airs in a finished, faultless manner, than to play imperfectly the most brilliant variations.

In some cases these epitaphs are imperfectly spelled, indicating the humble class to which the survivors belonged.

The spans were in fact designed as independent girders, the advantage of continuity being at that time imperfectly known.

The three others are so imperfectly described, that they cannot be traced to their true species.

We are a republic, or rather a cluster of republics under an imperfectly centralized national government.

True, there are some imperfectly educated, but certainly not "six or ten per cent."

At last Cronje came back and addressed me, speaking English very imperfectly.

The room was imperfectly lit by a single window in the thick rock walls.