Imperialism [noun]

Definition of Imperialism:

expansionist doctrine

Synonyms of Imperialism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imperialism:


Sentence/Example of Imperialism:

Lucero isn’t the first person to attempt to revive indigenous tattooing traditions marginalized by imperialism, cultural eradication and outright genocide.

The gradual recognition of the constitutional theory of the British empire, and the assumption by the principal Imperialism.

Already we had given Imperialism a criticism, and leavened half the press from our columns.

There is another side to imperialism besides dreaded anarchies.

Marx with his book is driving the states out of the trench of imperialism and capitalism.

It was a withering satire on Russian imperialism, and it stirred a wide response.

In the Tsar Alexander I, who was never direct, this direct new imperialism met the old.

For though it was a united Germany that had overcome French imperialism, it had Prussia in the saddle.

There has been a deterioration in the quality of British imperialism in relation to subject peoples.

The disasters of Russia in Manchuria in 1905 released the spirit of German imperialism to bolder aggressions.