Imperil [verb]

Definition of Imperil:

cause to be in danger

Synonyms of Imperil:

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Sentence/Example of Imperil:

The prospect of such a fall-out—which had been a looming prospect for years—raised the possibility of a sudden stop or delays to daily trading across the border into France, that could even imperil supplies of fresh food and medicines.

All along the migration routes, people are changing the landscape in ways that imperil birds.

They generate less anxiety in students, for example — an important factor to consider at a time when the pandemic is already imperiling young people’s mental health.

In the Caribbean, ocean acidification and swelling seas are driving coral reefs toward extinction and imperiling fishing and tourism.

They also fear that the plan could imperil hopes of reopening middle and high schools by next semester, since many staff members being reassigned are critical to crafting reopening plans.

He did not wish to imperil Alan's superb aloofness by involving him in the acrimonious and undignified defence of a friend.

The honey, I say, would imperil the grubs' lives, The Bee must therefore first be made to disgorge.

In those of which we are speaking a too strong light seems to imperil the success of the experiment.

All she thought was to get away—far away from these men who were trying to imperil her immortal soul.

Her former efficient commander, Captain Coxetter, has gone where bars or rough waters never imperil his safety.