Imperiously [adverb]

Definition of Imperiously:


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Sentence/Example of Imperiously:

Some who worked with Stenger said he could be imperious, clashing at times with other staffers in part because he focused intensely on security rather than the office’s other priorities.

At the same time he imperiously insisted on the submission of such Scots as had not yet joined him.

She stamped her foot prettily, imperiously, vexed at my refusal to go out of that weird place the way I had entered.

"Put on these clothes at once," she said imperiously, knowing nothing of the volcanoes beneath the surface.

He started forward, but Ollie called imperiously, "Hold on there a minute, I want to say something to you first."

The Malay bent his head from above downwards, and disentangling his right hand from his shawl, he pointed imperiously to the door.

Si's vigilant appetite took advantage of the quiet to assert its claims imperiously.

This noble presented himself before Achitometl, and imperiously demanded his daughter's hand.

Gaston seemed to demur, but Félice overruled him imperiously.

She advanced to the cabin door, and imperiously called to him to follow.