Impermeability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impermeability:

Stadiums are empty or mostly empty, and some sports have bubbles and others just pretend their spheres are impermeable.

No one measure—not masks, not distance, not handwashing—is an impermeable barrier to transmission.

Eventually, the seeping groundwater probably ran up against an impermeable barrier, which is bringing the swarm to a gradual halt.

The integrity and impermeability of this asphalt coat are quite as vital as constant saturation.

It is only when in combination that it exhibits this impermeability to the obscure rays.

The impermeability of plastic clay to water is a characteristic which is important for many purposes.

The fused portion fills the pores or interstices of the material, making—when cold—a ware of great strength and impermeability.

The construction of the dam is believed to guarantee its own practical impermeability.

Your mind still runs in the channel of your lost impermeability.