Impermeable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Impermeable:

We have an impermeable two-party system in which one party is sliding away from democratic elections, the core value proposition of the American system.

The streams disappear in the detritus cone, and the water runs below over impermeable layers of glacial clay.

These pieces are fitted closely together, length under length, and form an impermeable wall along the side of the pit.

Oiled it is kappa, impermeable and suitable for covering packages and for making waterproof garments.

Modern anatomists know that the heart is divided into two approximately equal parts by an impermeable septum of tough fibres.

Plaster work is rendered impermeable by mixing artificial or natural asphaltum with it.

The man of one idea is more or less impermeable to any process of reasoning that is foreign to this idea.

The membrane is obviously permeable not only to water but also to dissolved crystalloids, while it is impermeable to colloids.

The prophecy itself is full of melody and mist; of music not wholly unrecognisable and vapour not wholly impermeable.

They comprise a metallic casing, containing a flexible diaphragm of rubber or of some fabric impermeable to gas.