Impersonal [adjective]

Definition of Impersonal:

cold, unfriendly

Opposite/Antonyms of Impersonal:

Sentence/Example of Impersonal:

Van Epps is proud that her family never put her sister in an impersonal institution.

“The beauty of it is that it’s impersonal, everyone accepts the judgment of the computer, there’s no tendency to argue,” said Squarefoot president Michael Colacino.

Doubt, suspicion, anger clouded vision; pain routed the impersonal conception.

In France these reports would have been impersonal messages arriving from afar.

As it is an impersonal, artificial thing, a corporation cannot possibly commit a wrong or tort like a natural person.

He noticed them vacantly and took a curious impersonal interest in the two dim figures standing close together outside the window.

I defy you to see or think of them and not smile with an infinite and intimate but quite impersonal pleasure.

In his relations with women he was singularly impersonal, but he was a man, and he was young enough to feel the Adam stir in him.

The impersonal feeling which had marked his relations with the two women of this household, and with all women, was suddenly gone.

German music knew God, but it was mystical and impersonal, out of touch with everyday human life.