Impersonating [verb]

Definition of Impersonating:

pretend to be another

Synonyms of Impersonating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impersonating:

Sentence/Example of Impersonating:

They also blogged about the inner workings of software vulnerabilities, sometimes impersonating legitimate cybersecurity experts in “guest” author posts.

At least seven of those arrests involved illegal firearms, and one was of a person who reportedly impersonated a police officer at a checkpoint near the Capitol.

He regularly impersonates and pokes fun at the current president, Adama Barrow, who defeated Jammeh in 2016, and his political opponents.

Thus did Dante impersonate the worship of Venus Urania,--spiritual tenderness overcoming sensual desire.

It is impossible that all the children should sympathetically impersonate the same character and realize the same experience.

Travis, look around this room and see if you can identify the man that hired you to impersonate Herbert Whitmore!

She could impersonate Gypsy Nan; she could not, if she would, impersonate the woman who was dead!

At one moment she might be trying to impersonate Ajax defying the lightning; in the next she is apparently fleeing from a satyr.

When they are ready the first player, D, is called on to describe or impersonate his letter; and so on in the right order.

The illegitimate daughter might, of course, impersonate Miss Holladay; but who was the elder woman?