Impersonator [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impersonator:

But you must remember that I recognized Elsa Schmidt from the first, and knew her to be a male impersonator of no mean order.

He felt kindly, just off the surface of his emotion so to speak, towards this impersonator of Ernani.

"Simon Weatherby and his wife, Sallie, are brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Clayton's," went on the impersonator.

Mrs. Brown recognized him at once as the impersonator, though of course he had on no wig or costume now.

Given genius in the author and in the impersonator, and that very simplicity has its enormous advantages.

A green-eyed impersonator, a blue-eyed impersonator: the room could have been full of impersonators, for all he cared.

Yet the impersonator (whom we may continue to call by the assumed name of Pentwin) had his sound and sufficient reasons.

A theatrical paper advertises for a "Male impersonator" for pantomime.

In early life he was a clownish sort of boy among the boys—an expert mimic and impersonator.

The seance continued for some 10 minutes, the impersonator chirping out answers to the questioning priest.