Impertinence [noun]

Definition of Impertinence:


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Sentence/Example of Impertinence:

I thought at the moment it was some of his damned impertinence, but concluded that he had something on his mind.

A dignified, modest reserve is the surest way to repel impertinence.

“I dare say that looked very much like a gratuitous impertinence from—the packer,” he observed.

The accused malignants, on the other hand, complained bitterly of the impertinence of meddling fanatics and hypocrites.

"You know quite well that nothing amuses me," said she, shrugging her shoulders with a supreme impertinence.

It is impossible to convey a just impression of the offensive tone and emphasis with which this impertinence was uttered.

Then I shall request Mr Rose to do so in future; your conceit and impertinence are getting intolerable.

The familiar impertinence of these girls must be seen to be understood.

I think your nose has the impertinence to redden at home quite well as at the restaurant.

Its impertinence and folly might well have provoked the raillery of the most inoffensive.