Imperturbably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Imperturbably:

"No sabby lead chop till ploddem withee dipper," explained the Chinaman, imperturbably.

"All the more reason why mine should be more interesting, then," retorted Tilly, imperturbably.

"That man has a vocation," announced my little neighbor, who had stared imperturbably at the surgeon while he was speaking.

They refused to recognize in it any divine element of destiny, while they remained imperturbably unastonished at its course.

He smoothed his face to the expression proper to a person unsurprised, dealing imperturbably with what he had long ago foreseen.

Hubert started into an upright position, crossed his arms, and looked her imperturbably in the face.

Then while Margaret continued her reading imperturbably, the chorus of whispers increased.

"You might be one if you were serious," she would imperturbably say.

"I guess you have mellowed in the sunshine," Bob said imperturbably.

"Don't bother trying to scare me with your big mouth," Kathy went on imperturbably.