Impious [adjective]

Definition of Impious:

not religious

Opposite/Antonyms of Impious:

Sentence/Example of Impious:

It would be impossible, as well as impious, for men to imitate the making of the Covenant of Redemption, or of that of Works.

The old Don Luis shows his whitened locks, scorned by his hypocritically impious son.

Impious people, you say, deprived of the flattering hopes of another life, desire to be annihilated.

To be impious, is to have unjust opinions about the God who is adored; to be superstitious, is to have false ideas of Him.

In March 1649, a quartermaster named Boutholmey was tried by council of war for uttering impious expressions.

Away with the empty and impious vanities, the base actions, the low despicable conversations of such a world.

Julian, in his most impious moods, could not express himself more impiously than myself.

In these impious strifes the seigneurs have almost always come out on top.

Then the sovereign is an impious wretch, a heretic; his destruction is laudable; heaven rejoices in his overthrow.

“I never read such an impious book,” said the reader, throwing it on the floor.