Impishness [noun]

Definition of Impishness:


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Sentence/Example of Impishness:

In truth, the impishness of circumstance was newer to him than it would have been to a philosopher of threescore-and-ten.

Carol tried to stare them down but in face of the impishness of the boys and the bovine gaping of the men, she was embarrassed.

"I have a perfectly heavenly plan," said Henrietta, her black eyes sparkling with impishness.

She had got into the enemy's fastness by her impishness, but she could go no further on that line.

She was ashamed of her small-boy impishness but for sheer high spirits she could not seem to stop.

Her eyes danced with fun and impishness as she insisted it was really too bad that theyd had to miss the lecture.

Fate, however, with its characteristic impishness, interfered with Kenyon's well-laid scheme.

"We're a marvelous combination," grinned Furneaux, reverting at once to his normal impishness.

"You don't know my name," he said, with a return of impishness, as we walked together towards the Contessa.

Then as the clapping continued, something of her natural impishness entered her heart.