Implacability [noun]

Definition of Implacability:


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Sentence/Example of Implacability:

Craven fear, not without some dim sense of the implacability of nature's laws, is at its roots.

Yet Dunstan's first interview with his father had not had all this quality of implacability.

His power is incalculable and his implacability is absolute.

This man had sinned against this daughter; here he was brought up against an implacability.

Nothing was gained except the putting on record an implacability that was confessedly impotent.

"I might lasso you from my horse, drag you through the cactus," I added with the implacability of an Apache.

Passion in him was fighting side by side with feminine implacability in her against the better part of him.

Peter was there for that purpose, and his devoted wife was by his side, egging him on with her feminine implacability.

The implacability of hostile factions was such as we can scarcely conceive.

His fitfulness and petulance go far to explain his acts of occasional implacability.