Implanted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Implanted:

This fear of the invisible world, so inherent in simple natures, has been implanted for a wise purpose.

Mrs. Prentice had implanted a soft little kiss on Jesss forehead and shaken her a little playfully by both shoulders.

And immediately the word bounty implanted itself in his mind as the first landmark of a marvelous story.

It is my belief that, for a man to obey an instinct which is implanted in his nature, is not "a sin" against God.

He then leaves for the university, with grief implanted at the bottom of his heart.

Further, the conventional factors implanted in mankind from earliest childhood play their part.

The love of learning once implanted brought her with her husband to keep her place among her sisters in that bright Academy.

We have implanted in us the seeds of all ages, of all arts, and God our master brings forth our intellects from obscurity.

The never-give-in spirit was implanted in the youth of the Confederacy, as well as in the hearts of the grizzled veterans.

It seems to me that this love we are talking about is simply one of the strong instincts implanted in our common nature.