Implausible [adjective]

Definition of Implausible:

not likely

Synonyms of Implausible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Implausible:

Sentence/Example of Implausible:

Even professionals often struggle to avoid implausible accounts of the origins and meanings of dreams.

As the Research Affiliates authors put it, “The first part of our definition to confirm a bubble is that using a discounted cash-flow or other valuation model, we would need implausible assumptions to justify the market’s or asset’s current price.”

These are the types of lies or false truths that seem so obviously implausible that they don’t seem designed to deceive, but rather, to signal something else.

The goal of our forecast is to figure out which scenarios are most plausible in the real world, and if you deliberately choose some implausible ones, it may be hard to know what to make of the output.

This situation makes rather implausible or unrealistic some of the proposed schemes.

This was no implausible ground for imagining that his death had some other cause than the yellow fever.

Opportunism has been characterized by the avid acceptance of wholly implausible doctrines, or by a disingenuous "realism."

Third, you print stories that give a weak and implausible scientific basis.

Larry recognized that his statement had sounded most implausible.