Implementation [noun]

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The new principles outlined specifically for children are meant to be “a concrete implementation” of the more general ones, says Yi Zeng, the director of the AI Ethics and Sustainable Development Research Center at BAAI who led their drafting.

At the time, the bank was ordered to improve internal controls and be subject to third party monitoring to oversee their implementation.

Barber and Holbein also compared turnout within a given county before and after the implementation of a vote-by-mail policy.

Allen Jilo, an Eventbrite product manager, said that they saw a “visual difference in event search results on Google” within two to three weeks of event schema markup implementation.

A move away from work would further require the implementation of a universal healthcare system to decouple healthcare from jobs.

If your product is in demand, you can draw in a huge amount of traffic through your local implementations.

Through applying these techniques, your company will not only benefit from profitable local searches but also offer a strong basis for the implementation of new SEO features.

Almost all efforts to automate lab work involve static implementations and are hardwired into specific bits of equipment, Cooper told Chemistry World.

The correct implementation of these tasks will provide a long-lasting result, an increase in organic traffic, sales, and an influx of hot customers.

They excel in matrix multiplications and can run the snippet of code mentioned above 360,000x faster than the original implementation.