Implements [noun]

Definition of Implements:

agent, tool

Synonyms of Implements:

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Sentence/Example of Implements:

But not only has the name tobacco and the implements employed in its use caused much discussion but also the origin of the plant.

Still higher lie the deposits of the bronze age, in which metal replaces stone in human implements.

Munitions of war and implements of agriculture were provided in large quantities.

Anything more eloquent can scarcely be imagined than the story unfolded by these mute implements of smoking.

The provision of tools or implements of trade was considered not to be of the nature of relief, and therefore not legal.

There are great landowners and large farmers who use the newest and best agricultural implements.

They were well armed with muskets and bayonets, and provided with the usual implements of foot-soldiers.

Buildings were erected, and the tools and implements necessary for the work of the farm were made and repaired.

The crepundia have been mentioned already , and these miniature tools and implements seem to have been very common.

But we will call it $1,000, and let the rest go as interest on the investment represented by seeds and implements.